Sootscale Tribe NPCs

Ambassador/Chief Sootscale
-Leader of the Stolen Lands kobolds
-Staunch ally to the Greenbelt Charter group
-Representative of the Kobold/Restov alliance

Tartuk the High Shaman (deceased)

Krillin the kobold monk
-New religious leader of the kobolds
-Killed the mite’s centipede god

Konan the kobold barbarian
-Saved from a mite pow camp
-Killed Tartuk

Kane the kobold shield bearer (deceased)
-Sacrificed himself to kill the mite leader, and his fearsome giant tick ‘Tickleback’

Kog the kobold engineer
-Designed the ingenious ‘5 pit defense’ of the kobold stronghold
-Head kobold engineer

Kabbage and Patch the kobold demolition team (deceased)
-Both blew themselves up inside the centipede god

Kiko the kobold assassin
-saved from mite pow camp
-highly skilled in stealth, can make a shiv from anything

Kony the Kobold

Koby the kobold horse wisperer
-Protected and cares for the Greenbelt Charter’s horses from Tartuk
-travels with the party on the carrt

Sootscale Tribe NPCs

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