Royal Houses of Brevoy

House Garess:
Based in the eastern foothills of the Golushkin Mountains, House Garess has many strong ties to regional dwarven clans. House Lebeda: This house controls much of the plains southwest of Lake Reykal, as well as much of the shipping interests on the lake itself.

House Lodovka:
Located on Acuben Isle and the central northern coast, House Lodovka has the strongest presence on the Lake of Mists and Veils, having never abandoned their traditional waterborne ways.

House Medvyed:
The easternmost house, Medvyed claims much of the Gronzi Forest. They are a hardy folk who remain associated with the “Old Ways” of worshiping nature.

House Orlovsky:
Northeastern Brevoy is controlled by House Orlovsky, a family that traditionally seeks to remain above petty politics.

House Rogarvia:
Until recently, House Rogarvia ruled Brevoy. Their recent disappearance has thrown the nation into chaos.

House Surtova:
The most inf luential Brevic house, Surtova is also its oldest. They control Port Ice and much of northwestern Brevoy.

Royal Houses of Brevoy

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