Oleg's Trading Post NPCs

Oleg Leveton
-Owner of trading post, the gateway to the stolen lands
-Now partnered with Trade House M’Grash

Svetlana Leveton
-Oleg’s wife
-Really runs the trading post

Mad Alchemist, Bohken
-Hermit, lives in hut east of Oleg’s
-Friendly, Forgetful
-Addicted to a few things
-Makes special cartridges for Harlowe

Mercenary Captain, Falgrim (Deceased, Dovan’s Ambush, ballista bolt)
-A noble from Restov
-Exiled to the stolen lands
-Gathered a mercenary group to protect Oleg’s
-Knows Tobias, a good friend

Tobias’(formerly Falgrim’s) Surviving Mercenaries:
-Brody, a pit fighter from Skywatch, fights with kukri and hatchet
-Steven, a former soldier from Silver Hall, fights with a lucerne hammer
-Mark, a Brevoyen ex bounty hunter, crossbowman

Cleric of Erastil, Kolea Larkin
-Cleric Mc’Heal Face
-Traveled with party, assisted with defense of Oleg’s
-Now resides at the Temple of the Elk

Brother Carver, Leader of the Sentinels of Erastil (Deceased, temple guardian)
-Sent by the church of Erastil to find the rumored Temple of the Elk and reclaim it
Sentinels of Erastil:
-Brother Larkin(deceased, temple guardian)
-Sister Lucia(deceased, temple guardian)
-Brother Bask(deceased, trolls)
-Sister Banda (deceased, temple guardian)

Restov Official Clerk, Codax
-Sent from Restov to be the Sword Lords eyes and ears in the Greenbelt
-Scrawny, not suited for the frontier, wished to be back in the city
-Not prone to bribes (as Skragger has learned)

Veteran Hunter, ‘Lucky’ Vekkel, Leader of Hunters Guild (Deceased, Dovan’s Ambush, Dovan’s sneak attack)
-Head of the Greenbelt Hunter’s Guild
-Very old, Ancient almost
-Lost one leg and one eye to the great boar ‘Tuskgutter’
-Knows information of bandit activity in the stolen lands, has ‘an agreement’ with them
-Will help the Charter group if they can bring him the head of Tuskgutter

Oleg's Trading Post NPCs

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