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Sootscale Tribe NPCs
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Restov and Tribunal NPCs

World Information:
Brevoy- A country in the far north of Golarion
Royal Houses of Brevoy
Trade Houses of Brevoy
Restov- The southernmost city state of Brevoy.
The River Kingdoms-The lands to the south of Brevoy and west of the Stolen Lands
The Stolen Lands- Much sought after territory to the south of Brevoy have never been successfully colonized

Player Relative Info:
Trade House M’Grash -Skragger’s Family House
Royal House Orlovsky -Nylrah’s Royal House
Royal House Lodovka -Eliellah’s Royal House
Sword Scions of Restov -Tobias’ Mercenary Guild

Group Resources-What is stored in the group wagon, cabin, and forrest caches.
Group NPCs-Those who accompany you on your journeys (mostly kobolds)
Skragger Resources
Tobias Resources
Harlowe Resources
Nylrah Resources
Eliellah Resources

Main Page

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