Pathfinder AP: Kingmaker

Session 02

Let's Make Maps: Drugs, Spiders, and Holy War

Trading Post Time!
- Awesome opening wolf fight cutscene
- Two weeks have passed since the massacre, no major signs of bandit reprisal
- Trading post now under House M’Grash, one of Skragger’s siblings in route to oversee operations
- Clerk Codax sent from restov to monitor situation for the government
- Brother Carver sent from the church of Erastil with a small group of Sentinels to reclaim a lost temple somewhere in the woods
- Kolea leaves party to take up resident in trading post to help new people traveling into the greenbelt
- Hunters and trappers are trickling in to take advantage of the new frontier
- The mad alchemist bhoken is met east of Oleg’s

Adventure Time!
- The group starts to explore and map
- The field of bones
- more exploring
- A tiny battlefield, two tiny survivors from two tiny sides, party gets to choose a side Kobold or Mite
- Nylrah chooses paragon dialogue
- Harlowe choose renegade quicktime event
- A mite explodes

Kobold Time!
- Kony the Kobold is saved
- The party learns of the holy kobold crusade
- sneak through Mite territory
- learn the genius of kobold pit engineering
- Meet Chief Sootscale and Tartuck
- Kobold CIC
- plans for the final battle begin.



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